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So what exactly is Enamel? And how is it made?

Enamel is timeless. It is durable, makes pieces that have vibrant colors and when paired with gem stones it makes exquisite jewelry.

My fascination with enamel began with a pivotal moment. In the studio several years ago, when I witnessed the transformation of my first design, from powder to liquid and then into a beautiful ombre of rich azure blues bleeding light blues and then into whites, I was hooked! Some of my first pieces are are shown in the picture on the right - the round Ombre pendants.

Many are curious about the process of enamel creation, which can be achieved through two distinct methods. One is kiln firing, the other open torch. Regardless of the chosen technique, the concept remains consistent. Powdered glass is delicately sifted onto a metal surface coated with liquid glaze, then heated until the powder melts and fuses seamlessly with the metal. Once cooled, the enchanting enamel piece emerges, ready to be admired.

My affinity lies particularly with the torch technique—an unconventional approach that deviates from the traditional kiln method. By heating the metal from beneath using an open torch flame, as seen in the middle image of me working the torch, each piece becomes a unique work of art, celebrating the beauty of imperfection and individuality.

Today I collaborate with skilled artisans and enamel specialists, to design and fabricate my visions. I love being able to channel our collective expertise to bring my designs to life. Together, we fuse the allure of semi-precious stones with the timeless elegance of enamel, crafting pieces that resonate with both the discerning collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike. Shop Enamel

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