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Meet the Creator of Knickerbocker Lane Jewelry

Lucia Rambusch Adam

Lucia Rambusch-Adam

I have always loved jewelry ever since I can remember. In fact, obsessed might be a better word. Growing up in New York City I would spend afternoons walking in and out of the stores on 47th street, NYC's oldest Jewelry district.  After school I'd walk to my father's office in Greenwich Village and always stop in the Forbes Gallery to see the Fabergé Egg collection.  Many evenings I would go with my mother to events and lectures at the National Arts Club on Gramercy Park. My favorite Christmas present was my annual membership to the MET. I loved spending my Saturdays walking though the Roman, Greek, and Egyptian wings to look at the ancient jewelry. Or many days I would read a book while soaking in sculptures and the Tiffany stained glass windows in the American Wing. I would always be thinking about how I could create jewelry that would reflect these pieces of art, and ancient cultures steeped in long traditions of jewelry fabrication. There's something amazing about putting on a special piece of jewelry that inspires joy and confidence, and I knew I wanted to be able to do that for other people and jewelry has always been a form of expression for me.

Growing up I was surrounded by art, creativity, and history. My father, like his father and grandfather, designed objects for large scale interiors. I grew up having dinner conversations about his jobs creating and installing large scale custom projects like, mosaics, custom lighting fixtures, large stained glass windows - creating and renovating, as well as marble statues for monuments and historic institutions. Most projects were for museums, cathedrals, synagogues, airports, private homes all around the world.


My mother was one of the first women to have been in the graduate program at Winterthur for American Decorative Arts. One of our favorite summer activities was going antiquing in the Berkshires. She would always explain to me if something was or was not authentic, and why. She would explain certain patterns or a maker’s mark and at what point in history the object was produced. When it came to jewelry she taught me about stones and even pearls, many times she would make me take a pearl to my teeth to make sure it was rough, and thus a real pearl. She started and founded the Co-Operative for Preservation for Architectural Records, now housed in the Library of Congress.

So, let’s just say I was lucky and basically got the equivalent of a fine arts degree just growing up in this incredible household!

Despite my upbringing and love of art, history, anthropology, nature and of course jewelry, corporate America was where I ended up. After Johns Hopkins University for my undergraduate degree and Denver University for my MBA, I dove into a career understanding and leveraging customer feedback for large multi-national companies as well as Denver and Silicon Valley start ups. While working in corporate America I had three daughters who are now growing into remarkable women that I am honored to call my own.

But over the years, I constantly dreamed of the day when I could design and make jewelry full time. Now, I apprentice under master gold and silversmiths in Denver and Portland, Maine. I am frequently back and forth between Denver and my hometown, NYC to connect with fellow jewelers and artisans. I love my studio-time, where I am able to create my pieces in enamel, gold, and silver.  Over the past couple years when I would wear one of my own pieces I would have friends ask where I got it -- I knew it was time to bring my jewelry to a bigger audience.


I was able to show my designs twice in the Denver Fashion in 2021 and 2022 shows and in July of 2021 and 2022 I had successful shows at a local art gallery in Maine. These events helped me see the potential and motivated me to design, fabricate, and create jewelry on a larger scale.  In December of 2022, I quietly started Knickerbocker Lane Jewelry with displaying a small batch of my jewelry in a friend’s skincare business - it was a huge success! 


I'm thrilled that my days are now filled with creating timeless, beautiful, meaningful, high-quality jewelry that is meant to be worn and loved!  

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