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Rondelle Blue Lapis Opal Jade beads. Rondelle beads are oval in shape, so not your traditional round style. The look of these stone, each unique with its own hue of blue, each bead is hand knotted with love. The blue color is light and easily allows for the light to reflect the natural inclusion of each bead.


Why do I love Rondelle beads? Because it's a modern take on a classic design. Rondelle styled beads are cut and “flattened” by creating a thinner profile on the top and bottom of the bead and leaving the diameter wider. Rondelle beads are cut vertically so they can stack on top of each other and be strung together. This type of cut can be smoothed out or it can be faceted to create sparkle and texture.


• Stones: Blue Lapis Opal Jade

• Metal: 14Kt plated Lobster Claps

• Length: 18 Inches with 2 Inch extender

Lapis Blue Rondelle Necklace

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