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Stunning mix of semi-precious gem stones. These smooth semi-precious stones are a mix of moonstone, turquoise, onyx, carnelian, lapis, lemon quartz, amazonite, jade, pink opals and more!

This heshi style semi-previous stone beads have a presence as they are on the larger size, in 7-8mm range.


Heishe are a type of disk bead that is usually flat and disk like and are finished smooth like these. Heishe or heishi is pronounced "hee shee".


This necklace is perfect for layering and a stand-alone piece. Each necklace is unique with its own variation of each stone type - thus is truely one of a kind.


Stones: Mix of round semi-precious mix - see above for sample stones

Metal: Gold plated paperclip chain - adjustable with Gold-filled clasp

Length: 18 inches with 2 Inch extender for a longer look

Delila Necklace | Paperclip Chain

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