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Ceto Bracelet Trio in Black Onyx, Fusha marblized black Onyx is a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. The trio features a combination of Black Onyx, Fusha marblized black Onyx beads anchored by a 14Kt electroplated rectangular shaped pearl for an elegant touch. Each bracelet offers a unique style, with one featuring elongated beads interspersed with 14kt gold plated beads and the other showcasing small round beads in two shades of white.


  • Stones: Black Onyx, Fusha marblized black Onyx, Pearl
  • Length: 7-8 Inches
  • Strung on heavy strength elastic cord – super easy to get on and off


Please note: The bracelets come in a set of three - so ordering one you will receive the set of three you see in the picture.

Ceto Bracelet Trio | Onyx + Black Jade + Pearl

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