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Named to reflect the Wonder Woman in all of us the Sheild Pendant was designed for empowerment and protection. Crafted with natural stones and enamel, this pendant features a stunning faceted Moonstone surrounded by white Sapphires, set in a refined shield style. The Italian styled long short rounded paperclip chain adds a touch of elegance to this powerful piece. Wear it as a symbol of strength and protection, and channel your inner superhero.


Our enamel pieces use rich and vibrant hues to capture the spirit of the person wearing the piece. Often these pendants incorporate both natural stones and enamel itself – creating a sophisticated timeless look and a cherished piece to add to your collection. 


  • Stones: Faceted Moonstone, White Saphires in a star shape
  • Pendant:  2 Inch x 1.5 Inch Peendant with Tiffany Blue Enamel
  • Meta: 14Kt Gold-filled
  • Chain Length: 18 Inches

Shield Necklace| Moonstone | Winter White Enamel