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Scarabs are first seen in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. They represent protection against disease and death and they have long been a symbol of resurrection. This amulet / pendant is designed with enamel wings and body defined by faceted white sapphires - all surrounding and the main part of the scarab's body which is a semi-precious faceted Green Peridot.


Our enamel pieces use rich and vibrant hues to capture the spirit of the person wearing the piece. Often these pendants incorporate both natural stones and enamel itself – creating a sophisticated timeless look and a cherished piece to add to your collection. 


  • Stones: Faceted Green Peridot, White Sapphires Winter White Enamel
  • Pendant: 1 Inch x 3/4 Inch 
  • Metal: 14Kt Gold-filled
  • Chain Length: 16 Inches



Scarab Amulet | Peridot | Winter White Enamel