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Our Serena Bracelet Trio in Malachite is an understated combination of three different styles. One bracelet has elongated beads interspersed with 14kt gold plated beads, the next is small round beads interspersed with gold plated beads and classic Malachite bracelet made from round smooth beads adorned with a gold-plated Scarab. We love this combination of real stones for layering. The mixture of the different stones and shades is delightful and sophisticated.  Just makes anyone happy when they see all these beautiful colors interspersed with gold beads.


Please note: The bracelets come in a set of three - so ordering one you will receive the set of three you see in the picture.


  • Stones: Reconstructed Malachite
  • Length: 7-8 Inches
  • Strung on heavy strength elastic cord – super easy to get on andoff



Serena Bracelet Trio | Malachite

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