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This Moonstone Pools Charm Necklace is stunning. The hauntingly beautiful moonstones come in different body colors, adding to the necklace's charm. The vermeil finish gives it a boho cool vibe that's perfect for a beachy or city style. Wear this necklace to add a touch of mystique and elegance to your outfit. The necklace is anchored by a white Sapphire circle clasp that hold a Baroque Pearl. The clasp can easily be opened and shut to add and remove additional pendants.


Moonstone is believed to boost intuition and enhance psychic abilities.


  • Stones: Faceted Mystic Peach Moonstones, White Saphire circle clasp
  • Metal: Vermeil, Gold-filled
  • Length: 20 Inches, 1 Inch Baroque Pearl pendant

Moonstone Pools Charm Necklace

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