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White Mystic Moonstone and Baroque Pearls on Vermiel rosary chain. Short sophisticated style. This necklace come with a stunning CZencrusted clasp that is big enough to accomodate charms if you want.


The Harlow Necklace showcases the natural beauty of White Mystic Moonstone and Baroque Pearls. The combination of the soft, warm peach tones of the moonstone and the unique, organic shape of the baroque pearls creates a visually striking contrast. Great for layering or on its own!


White Mystic Moonstone has long been known for a stone of love, luck, and protection. It's also associated with growth, fertility,  and new beginnings.  While Baroque Pearls get their name from either the French word 'baroque' which means irregular shape, or from the Portuguese 'barroco' which means irregular pearl. 


Stone: White Mystic Moonstone, Baroque Pearl

Metal:  Vermeil

Length: 18 Inches 


Harlow Necklace | Mystic Moonstone

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