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This one-of-a-kind faceted Turquoise necklace has a round clasp is encrusted with sparkling white sapphire that opens and closes so charms can easily be added or removed. This necklace comes with three charms that complements and enhance the Turquoise.

 When you wear this in jean or in a gown you will be transported to Yucatán Peninsula home of Tulum with its great beaches, lush jungles, Mayan ruins, cenotes and of course famous nightlife

The charms are a crescent shaped charm with cabochon Turquoise with crystal accents, small blue enamel and gold Cubic Zirconia button pendant, and carved blue flower stone with 14 Kt electroplating. The necklace has an additional clasp in the back.  .


Stones: Turquoise, WhiteTopaz

Pendant Sizes: 17 inches 3 Inch extender Cresent charm – 1 ¾ inch Small blue enamel and gold Cubic Zirconia ¼ Inch Carved blue flower stone with 14 Kt electroplating ½ Inch

Chain: Vermiel

Chain Length: 17 Inches 3 Inch exxtender inches

Tulum Necklace

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