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The Venus necklace is made from faceted round Watermelon Tourmaline a semi-precious stone. Every third stone has been hand knotted for good luck. The beautiful necklace is finished with a strong gold-filled clasp that is big enough to add charms to if worn in front. This necklace comes with a happy Buddha Charm in Green. The beautiful harmonious blend of Pink and Green Tourmaline will lift anyone spirits. As the name suggests, Watermelon Tourmaline displays banded colors that resemble a ripe slice of watermelon. The red or pink center is surrounded by a rim of green. The stone is said to enhances the experience of being in nature because it helps us connects us natural beauty and the gifts of nature that surrounds us. While Buddha means “enlightened.”


Stones: Watermelon Tourmaline

Pendant Sizes:1 Inch

Chain: Hand-knotted Silk-Nyon

Chain Length: 17 Inches

Venus Necklace