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The Madison pendants have been designed to combine both the natural beauty of each stone but also to create a pendant that is set in a sophisticated and streamlined design. It is a perfect necklace for layering or as a standout piece on its own.  The stones used in the Madison necklaces are all semi-precious.


A Peridot with its rich green color is the round stone on the top of the pendant.  The larger bottom stone is  a lighter more sublte green, this stone is a Green Amethyst and is known to is meant to help with inner vision, self-love and helps connects us to the Earth element.


Stones: Peridot, Green Amethyst

Pendant Size: 1.25 Inches

Chain: 18 Kt Gold-filled

Chain Length: 19 Inches

Madison Necklace | Peridot & Green Amethyst